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Monday, October 20, 2014

Bow wow wow

Autumish greetings from Finland! Weather is getting colder and tights are getting thicker. Lately we have been focusing on how to do videos and we have had couple excellent tips from our followers and thank you very much for that. It will take quite a while for us to master everything but little by little we will get better. Of course we haven't forgotten photography and we will continue doing photos also. I don't actually remember what we were doing exactly this day when we shot these photos but I remember it was a good day spent together :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

We need your VOTE!

Boys and girls! 
We need your support in the contest 'Update your legs' that is organized by Wolford company. 

Go to link 

and give your vote for mypantyhosegirl. She is under name Maria Kiis

This is a really great contest that gives the winner an opportunity to be published/illustrated in their book 'Update your legs' and get invitation to Wolford event in Rome.
You need to be registered in Facebook to give your vote and it is totally anonymous. 
It takes only 5 seconds. Every vote is important for us! Thank you for your vote!

Treasure box - Our first video :)

Hi all! Since we started our blog we were asked a lot about video making.  And, finally, we are launching our first video production.

We don't have experience in video/film making but hey, you learn by making, right? Give us your thoughts and tips in the future and don't be too hard as it is our first time thinking how to do, what angles, fov, recording the video, editing it etc. Also suggestions for good video editing programs are welcome!

You may also subscribe to our Youtube chanel - My Pantyhose Girl, where more videos are to come.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday relaxing

Second post for this day. To kind of catch up for not posting last week.
We really enjoy spending time together and it doesn't matter that much what we do. Even the simplest things can be fun like taking your small ball grill with you and driving 15 minutes one way and finding a place to have your dinner. Small 'adventure' which nicely breaks out the daily routine. This is something what we both enjoy. And of course taking the camera with us and shooting couple pics.

Sport Center

One of those evenings when we decided to go out for a walk, looking for a spot to do photography. We found ourselves from a nice sport complex which had a nice green grass field and empty tennis courts. As the sun was getting down it gave us really nice lighting.
We are only starting to understand how to use the lighting more to our advantage. Sometimes the photo is a hit and sometime it's a miss but I think by photographing more and more and just testing new stuff out we are also getting more keeper photos. At least I have noticed that I have more photos to choose from when choosing which ones to post.
Best thing is that photography has so many options. So much to learn and so many challenges. We both love to spend this time together.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Suspender pantyhose look

It's nice to spice up your outfit with a pair of colorful or patterned pantyhose. Especially now when the days are getting darker and colder. This time when going to a grocery store Masha dressed in her sexy Pretty Polly suspender tights, jean shorts and heels. The long coat gives the look a little twist as it makes her look like that she doesn't have anything under her coat.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Foxy Sexy White

Here is something we did when the summer was still on. We had so much fun doing this set, walking along a small pier in Helsinki - eating ice cream and just enjoying each others company.
As for pantyhose, we have mentioned before not many women use white pantyhose. They are thought to be used only on weddings even tho they are very sexy. We think white is absolutely one of the best colors and should be used much more than it is. What do you think, hot?