February glance

Hello guys! How are you? February is almost at the end and I can't wait for spring. Maybe it doesn't matter to you if you live in Australia or California or some other sunny side of the world but to Finland it does. And we can't wait when we see sun again at least for a while. I have been to St.Petersburg for a day for business and just didn't have enough time to make a beautiful set there and of course, the most important - I didn't have my fabulous photographer with me! However, I decided to go for a quick shopping and got this beautiful coat from Maximiss. Ha-ha funny name, as the clothes are very slim and tight!
I couldn't resist and bought it! There were red, bright blue, yellow and black colors of this model. And my choice was made on black! To compensate the set from St.Petersburg we went for a walk on Sunday and have made this beautiful set with nice leather winter boots and Calzedonia tights. You might have seen them before. We got so many questions where to buy them. Unfortunately, they were in the Calzedonia collection some seasons ago and you can't find them on sale now but you can always check something closer to them. For example, Wolford's Satin de Luxe, Cecilia de Rafael's Uppsala, Dusen's Opac satin and Platino's Luxe fata could be a great variant. The last two model I don't have but I have Wolford and CdR and I can assure you they are in my favourites!


COAT: Maximiss
BOOTS: Vagabond
TIGHTS: Calzedonia

similar Wolford here
similar Cecilia de Rafael here
similar Dusen here
similar Platino here

Pin it up!

It has been a couple hectic weeks at work and we took a timeout from posting to our blog. Still we have achieved quite a lot. Biggest news is that we bought an external mic for the better quality videos to come! Hopefully that will sort the hissing sound we've had on our previous videos. Also we bought a pair of manual flashes which should bring out the shine in many shiny pantyhose we know they have but we haven't been able to show it yet. Huge thanks for supporting us as we have purchased the new gadgets with the help of our followers!

With this style we were after some pin up style: jeans shorts, white shirt, red nails and stripped bow. The red stripped pantyhose are from Finnish brand Vogue and they match well with the short denim shorts and peep toe heels, don't you think?

My suspender tights collection by Gatta

Hello guys! Enjoy the new video about my suspender tights collection by Polish brand Gatta.
Suspender tights are extremely attractive! Choose different outfits for your suspender tights and stay always beautiful! Remember to show off your suspender tights with the right length of skirt, dress or shorts.

More photo sets of suspender tights in the blog (press the picture):

Love for patterns

Love for patterns 2

Bow wow wow wow


                                   Gatta tights can be found here.




Brilliance of anthracite


Hi! We are finally publishing this post of these gorgeous tights Uppsala by Spanish brand Cecilia de Rafael. Have you guys known, that Uppsala is actually a town located in Sweden? It is very charming town showing its Scandinavian coldness and beauty. I believe Cecilia de Rafael has decided to call their absolutely irresistible model by this wonderful Swedish town. These tights show the same coldness and beauty and you can find them in black, brown, blue and anthracite colors. In my opinion these colors are expressed in this town. In this set is presented anthracite color.

Anthracite is a hard, compact variety of mineral coal that has high luster. Isn't it all about this tights color? If I had another model, for example of blue color,  I will compare it with Sapphire, and, black- with Black diamond and brown with Amber. 
These tights are magnificently shiny and incredibly durable, as the gems! The pair weighs 150 gr. You can see that the tights are super opaque and in this outfit I decided to wear them as leggings. It is really hard to say that they are tights due to their thickness. In the back of the tights you can notice two seams, that I really personally like in this model.


TIGHTS: Uppsala by Cecilia de Rafael Electra
TOP: Vero Moda
SHOES: Bianca by Christian Louboutin


Four ways - one skirt!

Hello our dear fashion readers!
I want to share with you my experience of wearing the Valencia skirt by Wolford. This is elegant figure-hugging skirt with wide control waistband. It has flattering knee-length and made with seamless knit technology. Although, close to the top of the skirt in the part where waistband starts, on the side there are 2 short small seams to make skirt smaller in size and show off woman's shape. 

On the Wolford model in the site it looks like simple pencil skirt and zooming the picture in you might notice the wide waistband. I couldn't imagine that simple pencil skirt could be transformed in different ways and can be worn even as a dress. I was asked by one Finnish girl what is the difference between Wolford Fatal dress and Valencia skirt. Well, there is a difference: one is a dress, another is a skirt and you can style them in your own way as they have different length and look. It is fascinating that manufacturer gives a customer an opportunity to become a stylist and make experiments. Isn't it all about fashion? 

Let's start with modelling. Style number 1:
You just put on the skirt and leave the waistband up to the top of the waist. I like this original version and it reminds me of the dresses of the late 18th - early 19th centuries when they were made with high waist. You may find these kind of gowns in Jane Austen novels. Certainly, fashionistas of those times didn't wear too tight clothes but always showed their waist.

Style number 2: pull the skirt up to cover your chest. In my styling I chose skirt together with Wolford Pure body in rose powder color and neon tights in black color. You can see that the length is a little bit above the knees and this way is perfect for some evening occasions.

I think, that in the picture below the outfit looks like a complete dress and it is hard to guess that the skirt is combined with the bodysuit.

Style number 3: put the waistband inside the skirt and wear it as a simple pencil skirt with low-waist.
Perfect variant for office work!

Style number 4: put the waistband on the top of the skirt and create another look for the same skirt! 

As you can see Valencia skirt is a great investment as you can wear it in various different ways. I found 4 styles of wearing this elegant skirt but I am sure that many fashionistas would find some accessorizes and could create even more styles.
If you have any ideas, would be great to see your pictures of Valencia skirt new styles!

Love, M.


SHOES: Bianca by Christian Louboutin

Valencia skirt

Pure body
Neon tights