Vienne Milano Fashion thigh highs

My second review of Vienne Milano thigh highs, this time you will see fashion models which you can wear in parties, when you go out or just when you are in a mood for great changes:)

Viola Filosophy Thread Purple
Viola Filosophy thread purple

Gisella siver sparkle

My perfect small black dress


Last Friday we headed to Helsinki city center for dinner. The heart of Helsinki is the Senate square, gorgeous and beautiful cobble stoned square. It is really not perfect for high heels but absolutely suitable for high heels photo shoots. The amazing thing about this square is that in the evenings it is absolutely empty, especially on working days. You can enjoy beautiful architecture created by Prussian and Russian architects and feel yourself a noble person of the 19th century. If you are ever in Helsinki, pay a visit to this square in the evening, you will feel some magic in there.
Climb up the stairs to the cathedral and have a breathtaking view to the city. Go to local coffee-shop and have a cup of Finnish coffee. Did you know, that Finns take the first place in the world by consuming coffee? 9 cups of coffee a day make 9 kg of coffee per person annually!
If you really like my outfit you may finish your day by shopping in Wolford store located in Alexander street, just a minute from the Senate square and get this perfect small black dress which I personally love most of all my Wolford dresses. Small black dress... what can be better... be continued in my next post <3 Maria

SHOES: Bianca by Christian Louboutin
Sunglasses: Chanel




Tan thigh high stockings by Vienne Milano

 My first review about luxury tan thigh highs by Vienne Milano. Enjoy!



Fatal Dress

 4 styles to wear this dress by Wolford

You can wear Fatal dress in 12 different ways while using 2 Fatal dresses, Fatal Top and Fatal belt.


In this video I will show your 5 more ways of styling Fatal Dress by Wolford you might have not seen before.

 In this video I am wearing Fatal dress in white color and Special edition 15 tights.
Fatal dress
Special edition 15 tights


Hi guys! Thank you so much for your all amazing comments! Love them! You are so great!
This post is dedicated to my favorite color - red! Yes, that is right, it's very bright, attractive, passionate and never bores me, even my horoscope says, that it is my color. These red shoes go perfectly with Wolford bodysuit for casual look. For my legwear I also went with Wolford, these tights Mikko got me for only 2 EUR! It is hard to believe but sometimes you can find such a deal on Wolfordshop site. Although, now these tights are 19 EUR, I hope the price can be again affordable for everyone. You can find Outlet from Wolford site, where are some models from the previous collections. Sometimes they are ridiculously cheap, like these tights. You can also get good deals on SALE time, when the prices can go down up to 30%. Happy shopping!

SKIRT: Bob Marley
SHOES: Vagabond

Pure string bodysuit by Wolford

Special edition tights by Wolford

Shine bright like a diamond...

Huraaaaah! It's officially summer in Finland. Today is 22 C and the whole week will be pretty much the same and a bit warmer! Whole May and June I was wearing light coat and jacket and finally I don't need them. It's great to enjoy this short summer here. Our hottest summer will be in France and Italy. We are going there in August-September for our summer holidays. It's gonna be hot!
For now I will enjoy these summer days and continue blogging for you, guys! You are all awesome! Thank you for your kind and sweet words. I try to answer everyone at least in the blog)) Hopefully your summer will be as bright and shiny as my Sevilla tights of natural color by Cecilia de Rafael<3

P.S.Frankly speaking, they are the shiniest tights I have ever had.

TOP: Vero Moda
SHOES: Vagabond
SUNGLASSES: Dior Mohotani

Sevilla by Cecilia de Rafael

Dior Mohotani