On the edge of the world

If you ever come to Lisboa, it is a 'MUST' to visit Cabo da Roca, located 40 km from the capital of Portugal, the most western part of Europe and of course Eurasia. There is one 'BUT', I was reading reviews on several tourist sites and some people were excited some were not about this place. As for me, I will definitely say 'YES!!!' to visit this place. If you are fond of picturesque scenery,want to feel the freedom and be in the unity with nature,  - it is a place to go. The feeling of standing on these massive rocks and looking far in the Atlantic, thinking that far away over this enormous, powerful and amazingly beautiful the Atlantic ocean is New York City, just gives the incredible feeling of becoming an eagle and fly. This enormous power and incredible energy of the nature makes the heart beating stronger, blood circulating in the veins faster. I can hardy describe this feeling in all my emotions but this is a place I want to come back...

We were so lucky with the weather, although it is always windy there we didn't feel cold and felt pretty comfortable in our clothes. I was wearing German brand Falke 15 DEN Seidnglatt which are super shiny and comfortable, H&M top, Vagabond shoes and Lindex shorts.

Life is all about being happy! I love travelling with my love and going to such places like Cabo da Roca where you can be not just on the edge of the world but feel on the top of the world...


TIGHTS: Falke Seidenglatt in Platinum color
SHORTS: Lindex
SHOES: Vagabond

The Atlantic Beauty




Hello, dear readers! Hope you are not bored with our sets from Portugal! We are holding some more and will present them in the nearest future. For now enjoy this set with the Atlantic ocean views. We made these photos when we started our trip from Lisboa, capital of Portugal to Algarve region, the south resorts which are famous for its white sandy beaches and gorgeous views of rocks.
It was hot August, clear sky, fresh ocean breeze and sun was reflecting in my pair of Platino Clean Cut 15 Den. These tights are ultra shiny and feel absolutely perfect on legs. You can see the white shining sparkle that is absolutely attracting to eye. It is difficult to break these tights and they don't make runs however if you wear them for a long-long time, of course they become worn and collect pellets. Anyway, they are worth buying and wearing! In this set I am wearing Caresse color that goes perfect with natural sandy beaches. Don't you think so?


TIGHTS: Platino Clean Cut 
SANDALS: Zalando

Day on the beach


Hi! We continue to share our photo sets we have made in Portugal during our summer holiday last year. It was hot sunny day, we left Tavira, where our hotel was located, jumped in our rented Fiat 500C and went towards Spain direction. When you live in Europe you cross it like states in the US: easily by car with no passport control. We didn't plan to cross the border to go to Spain, just wanted to see the beautiful shore line and check stunning beaches in that direction. If you ever decide to go to Algavre, south region of Portugal - head more to the east: less people, more stunning beaches. With our Fiat we have traveled almost whole south of Portugal - to be exactly 550 km. Ant it was amazing!
So that day we found a white line of beautiful practically empty beach close to Vila de Santo António, Portugal and not far from Monte Gordo. It was really hot day! To be exactly - 35 °C. Air-conditioner in the car, cold water and our beach umbrella were our survivors but we spent around 2 hours in the beach enjoying our summer and each other. Mikko asked me, if I am ok to wear tights as it is hot even in 15 Den Falke and another reason - people might stare and think  something. You remember the famous saying by William W. Purke? 

“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth."

This is my motto in life. If what you do, doesn't hurt others and you really enjoy it - follow your heart. I really love modelling for him and he loves to shoot me. We share our passion with you and we hope you really love it!


TIGHTS: Falke Seidenglatt in platinum color  
SANDALS: Zalando

Bolo de Chocolate e Morangos

Bolo de Chocolate e Morangos in Portugese means Chocolate Cake and Strawberries.... That is the name of our hotel room, in which we stayed during our summer holidays in Lisbon.  Chocolate and strawberry - what can be sweeter and it was so well reflected in our room: red beautiful bed cover with silky cushions on the king bed, the headboard of it is in sweet chocolate color. Two night tables and closet are in vintage style of mahogany fit the room perfectly. There is a spectacular view to the Tagus river from our room. In the morning sunshine is coming through the window if the the curtains are open and lights up the room with love.

One of our sets from Portugal trip we decided to make in this beautiful room and we hope you will like it as much as we enjoyed shooting it!


BODYSUIT: similar here and here

February glance

Hello guys! How are you? February is almost at the end and I can't wait for spring. Maybe it doesn't matter to you if you live in Australia or California or some other sunny side of the world but to Finland it does. And we can't wait when we see sun again at least for a while. I have been to St.Petersburg for a day for business and just didn't have enough time to make a beautiful set there and of course, the most important - I didn't have my fabulous photographer with me! However, I decided to go for a quick shopping and got this beautiful coat from Maximiss. Ha-ha funny name, as the clothes are very slim and tight!
I couldn't resist and bought it! There were red, bright blue, yellow and black colors of this model. And my choice was made on black! To compensate the set from St.Petersburg we went for a walk on Sunday and have made this beautiful set with nice leather winter boots and Calzedonia tights. You might have seen them before. We got so many questions where to buy them. Unfortunately, they were in the Calzedonia collection some seasons ago and you can't find them on sale now but you can always check something closer to them. For example, Wolford's Satin de Luxe, Cecilia de Rafael's Uppsala, Dusen's Opac satin and Platino's Luxe fata could be a great variant. The last two model I don't have but I have Wolford and CdR and I can assure you they are in my favourites!


COAT: Maximiss
BOOTS: Vagabond
TIGHTS: Calzedonia

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