Shine bright like a diamond...

Huraaaaah! It's officially summer in Finland. Today is 22 C and the whole week will be pretty much the same and a bit warmer! Whole May and June I was wearing light coat and jacket and finally I don't need them. It's great to enjoy this short summer here. Our hottest summer will be in France and Italy. We are going there in August-September for our summer holidays. It's gonna be hot!
For now I will enjoy these summer days and continue blogging for you, guys! You are all awesome! Thank you for your kind and sweet words. I try to answer everyone at least in the blog)) Hopefully your summer will be as bright and shiny as my Sevilla tights of natural color by Cecilia de Rafael<3

P.S.Frankly speaking, they are the shiniest tights I have ever had.

TOP: Vero Moda
SHOES: Vagabond
SUNGLASSES: Dior Mohotani

Sevilla by Cecilia de Rafael

Dior Mohotani

Summer moods

Every girl is looking for her perfect summer dress. I guess, in most cases girls go with short sleeves white fluffy dresses. I love this kind of dresses too but for Scandinavian climate when we mostly have +15 Celcius temperature, I choose long sleeves dress from Zara. It is short and perfect to go out. Details are important and this time I go with Wolford Neon 40 in anthracite color. I told you already before, that this model of tights is one of my favorites because for its glossy semi-transparent look. Tights are make up for legs and every girl should give a make up not only to her face but to legs too. Don't you think so?

SHOES: Vagabond

Neon by Wolford

Tights storage tour

You will get an excursion around my boxes and drawers of tights. Also you will see how I store them in different ways. If you have your own ideas of keeping tights and clothing, don't hesitate to share in the comments <3


Finally I post these pictures from previous summer with one of my favorite tights - neon 40 by Wolford. These tights can be called a veteran and here is my story why. Mikko calls me fussy because I hurt myself at home meeting all the corners of the tables, bed and other pieces furniture. It causes runs to tights. These 40 Neon have experienced my unexpected iron heel and they survived! Every pair of tights can be damaged but Neon 40 is super durable that I have never had anything happened to them for 4 years! This fact proves their high durability and outstanding quality which they provide to the owner. You see I have been even posing in them on the asphalt and they are in perfect conditions! Love Neon also for their incredible shine!
Frankly speaking, I do care about my hosiery and I love how they care about me.

Enjoy this set and this gorgeous summer <3

xo M.


SHORTS: Lindex

Neon 40 by Wolford

Butterflowers summer


We have done this post 2 weeks ago. It was sunny and pretty warm day. Although it is not so warm in Finland and seems the summer is not here right now I appreciate every moment of it. Sometimes we just take the camera and go out looking for a beautiful spot. Mikko called one of these places the field of butter-flowers. Officially the flower is called dandelion but I like butterflower name more. And more over, who can remember such a difficult name? In my mother tongue, Russian, it is 'Oduvanchik' and it is very logical name. When this flower becomes white and you can blow its upper part it is called blowing in Russian. So logical. I guess, you have noticed, I am so much into flowers in my last posts))

For this sunny day I went with Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla. When the sun is shining you can see the tights glowing so well. I have used the same tights in the post Ride to Airfield. It was windy day with no sun and some of you noticed that the shine wasn't even obvious and the tights could hardly be seen, well they are 15 den! Sevilla tights are ultra shiny but the light matters!


TIGHTS: Sevilla by Cecilia de Rafael

Sevilla by CdR