Blue Uppsala in May

I remember, guys, how you have all been intrigued by Uppsala model by Cecilia de Rafael. The first time I have presented Uppsala in anthracite color. If you have not seen this set yet, check it here. I am very excited to show you more colors of this model. And here is color number 2 -  Azulon. From Spanish Azul means blue. And these tights are blue like sky in a beautiful day. You may also find another color of blue in Uppsala model - Zafiro which from Spanish means sapphire. Keep up with us and you will see more colors from this model! 
I can tell you these tights are pretty thick and warm - 150 Den. Finnish summer is very changeable and from 25 Celcius we can be in 12 C another day. That's why it is possible I will show you them this summer. If not in summer-  for sure in autumn.
Hope you are ready for this beautiful summer. Enjoy it! 

Kisses<3 M.


TIGHTS: Uppsala by Cecilia de Rafael in Azulon color
SHOES: Vagabond by Zalando
SHIRT: Lindex
SHORTS: Lindex
Uppsala by Cecilia de Rafael

The garden of the rising sun

Probably you have noticed, I am obsessed with cherry trees. Hopefully, you will like these trees as we do with Mikko. Spring has just started to be on the peak in Finland and I got so crazy looking for the beautiful places where cherry trees are located. Trust me, we don't have them in every corner and usually the government of the town is responsible for their growing and taking care of.
Mikko has bought motor bike Triumph not long ago. You might have seen the picture of it in our instagram. So, one one of our family rides we noticed a beautiful park of cherry trees hidden behind the High school building. It turned out that the park is the garden under the protection of this school and represents Japanese garden. Such kind of garden includes rocks which represent water. And for sure you will find sakura, we know it by name of cherry tree. When you are within the nature you can embrace its beauty and appreciate this moment..


TIGHTS: Dotsy by Gatta
SHOES: Bianca by Christian Louboutin
COAT: Mango

Dotsy by Gatta

Dégradé cherry

When cherry starts to be in blossom firstly, it shows its white flowers which are then changing into pink within the time. Nature is gorgeous. With this moving world it is a pleasure to stop and watch how the nature shows us its beauty.
I am absolutely in love with trees, flowers, sky, water - all the nature around. In spring, when the nature shows us its upraising beauty it is special. I am so fascinated that Wolford has invented Degrade tights for season 2015 which remind me of cherry tree. It is such a short moment when it starts to be in blossom and you can enjoy a little but so good that these tights can stay much much longer and remind me of the cherry tree....

Degarde tights are gorgeous on the legs: luxury, pure, irresistible, beautiful and ...perfect.
When I firstly noticed these tights on Wolford on-line shop, I decided, I will get them. They are so interesting, I have never seen any model like of these. From feet they are like satin touch model of nude color,  seem like ordinary sheer 20 Den tights but then they change into pink with shadows and two lines of black on the sides. on the thighs they are again nude. The special thing is that they change with beautiful horizon of dégradé. They are so special like the cherry tree, at which I can look for ages...

TIGHTS: Wolford Dégradé tights
DRESS: Lena by Wolford
SHOES: Michael Kors
PURSE: Chanel
COAT: Mango

Dégradé tights

Lena dress

Michael Kors

Trasparenze suspender tights

I am so excited to present Trasparenze suspender tights which I got from
If you want to purchase these tights, click in the pictures below

Trasparenze Cortina

Trasparenze Strip panty

In the parking lot

After the movie we started heading back to home. It was late and there were very few cars in the parking lot. Beautiful dim light gave us an idea to make this set there. You can see the dress details much better than in the previous set. Laced dress always looks irresistible and it is my weak point. I have already got them so many...and probably get even more)) In this set, especially in close-up shots you can see golden thread of zigzag very well in the back of Electra tights by Cecilia de Rafael. Anyway, what do you think?

x Maria

COAT: Miss sixty
PURSE: Chanel

Electra by Cecilia de Rafael