My Wolford collection and reviews

In this video I present tights and clothing from Wolford. You'll see how the colors look like and get some reviews on the tights and clothing. The reviews are quite short because of so many items. 
I am interested and would like to know about your favorite Wolford tights model.
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All the tights and clothing that are presented in the video you may find in Wolford official store

Fall moods

One beautiful autumn Sunday evening we decided to go for a walk in the forest. Forest is a very magical place. You may always find the unity with the nature there. But this time our peace was disturbed by funny noisy squirrels. They seemed to be interested in camera and flashes. They were jumping from tree to tree attracting my attention. We didn't manage to take any picture of them as they were far on the trees but they always let us know about them. Anyway, we have spent a nice time shooting with squirrels. This time I have chosen double layers from Polish brand Gatta. I was wearing gorgeous cotton tights Gatta Look over on the top of  40 den support tightsTop is Gatta Golf Classic and skirt - H&M.


TIGHTS: Gatta 
2 TIGHTS: Gatta
BODY: Gatta

Furlicious night

Cold days are already in Scandinavia and it's time to put some warmer coats to keep yourself warm. I love autumn. It is very romantic time for me. You may burn candles, read favorite books, drink black tea with honey and lemon and enjoy home-made cakes. However, the bad side of Scandinavian autumn that it's very dark: you go to work - it is dark, you go from work - it is dark. At this time most people wear black coats (I also have one, that I love so much) and are required to put reflectors on their clothes for their safety. It is discussed so much that people tend to put more black outfits in the streets because black goes well with other colors. White is not exception either and gives always chic and beautiful look especially with the fur collar. Not to get cold in the evening I also chose Wolford Merino tights  in ecrue color which are made of virgin wool and Wolford Barcelona dress. Elegant look is added with the thin belt. I was often asked about warm tights. It is true that when outside is  -20 C it is difficult to stay in one pair of wool tights. I suggest putting on double layers. You may use 20-40 den and then wool or cotton tights on top.


COAT: Lea Vinci
BAG: Chanel
GLOVES: El Corte Ingles
HAIRSTYLE: Donut bun


Birthday night!

Last Monday I turned one more year. That day was really amazing full of dreams and and many surprises. My husband brought me to the nice restaurant of Nepalese cuisine to celebrate this occasion. The food was delicious as usual: melting chicken in almond sauce, amazing king-prawns, fresh rice and salad. Their tandoor food is really jammy! After a beautiful dinner we decided to move to the Senate square, that is the main square of Helsinki and one of the best landmarks in the capital. By the time we arrived the square was already empty, practically with no people, that was Monday evening. We decided to make a beautiful photo set. I was wearing Wolford Satin de Luxe tights and Wolford Samantha string body which is decorated with sparkling Swarovski elements and Högl heels. The light from the projectors coming on the square gave an incredible result for our shooting.

TIGHTS: Wolford Satin de Luxe
BODY: Wolford Samantha
BAG: Chanel