Hello my sweeties! One more post before Christmas as promised.
Counted days till magical Christmas and I hope you are prepared for it thoroughly, if not get ready soon. I love Christmas as much as New Year because in my homeland, in Russia New Year has as big significance as Christmas in the rest of the world. By the way I have double Christmas as Orthodox Christmas in on the 7th of January. So many celebrations and holidays!
This set is dedicated to gorgeous Cecilia de Rafael tights and their model Electra. The back seams are in the form of diagonals embroidered with sparkling threads of silver. To the style of these luxury tights I chose dream shoes by French designer Christian Louboutin model Bianca 12 mm. 

Silver threads in the back seams of the tights make legs are so attractive - perfect choice for Christmas or New Year celebration.

 Spanish brand Cecilia de Rafael or shortly CDR is one of the leading hosiery manufactures in the world. You may find a great varieties of tights to your taste.

Merry Christmas, my dears! Remeber to make wishes on Chrismas day - wishes from the heart will definetely come true!


Cecilia de Rafael Electra


Ho-ho-ho! Are you in Christmas mood? It is only 6 days till holiday and I will try to make one more post before it. For now I post a set from previous weekend when there was a little snow outside. The temperature is all the time around 0 and winter is really tricky but weather forecast promised beautiful snowflakes on Christmas. I am so looking forward for it to dress up in more cotton tights. 
These pictures were made in the dusk and I really like how the light is glittering.
For this evening I have chosen Polish brand Gatta from serie Up&Go.

Cotton tights is perfect choice in winter. Gatta offers a great variety of pattern tights in different dens, materials and colors. If it is really cold you can put double tights. About this I have written in the post Furlicious night. Stay warm and don't forget about ginger bread and glöggi  that is so popular in Scandinavia in winter. Don't forget about Christmas presents<3


Cotton tights: GATTA Up&Go
Winter coat: Zara
Boots: Vagabond

Gatta Up&Go

Charming Rome with Wolford

Hello my sweeties! I have come back from Rome and happy to share my experience with you in details. I want to thank you once again for supporting me in 'Update your legs' contest organised by Wolford company. This contest has started in the beginning of October and lasted two months. Everyone who wanted to participate uploaded their picture of the vision #updateyourlegs. On the 3d of December the Wolford jury has chosen 4 winners of the contest according to the pictures of the participants. The prize is charming trip to Rome for one person with 2 nights in luxurious 5 star Grand Plaza hotel.

When I have arrived to Rome Marta from Wolford has greeted me and I received welcome letter.

The Hotel is really nice and located in the very city center 5 minutes from Fountain de Trevi, 10 minute from Colloseum and Forum, all the shops and restaurants are near by, metro Spagna is 5 minutes walk. That was a perfect choice by Wolford.

I have met with Catherine and Kay other two winners and we have spent some time talking about our plans. Luckily, we had enough free time to explore the city on our own. So we decided to head to Colloseum with Catherine. Really magnificent and beautiful building taking into consideration that it was built  in 80 AD. There is a lot of work around Colloseum - a lot of excavations and reconstructions are going on. It is all fascinating to see how much is still unknown and can be found.

Next day I had a marvelous breakfast in a room decorated in Baroque style - gilded plaster mouldings, paintings, mirrors, a lot of light and luxury. Italian coffee - mmmmm.... nothing to say only to feel.

After breakfast I decided to go straight to Vatican and I was lucky it was Wednesday as every Wednesday there is an audience with Papa Francisco. Everyone has opportunity to see him very close up to 2 meter as he comes close to people in his 'Papa mobile'. Swiss guards, personal guards of Papa place the fence bars in that way that everyone who wants could come close to see Papa when he arrives. It is really magical feeling when Papa came: his energy is so positive, he is like a sun who gives a lot of warmth and shine. After the audience I have taken an excursion inside Vatican museums and spent there over 3 hours: Rafael, Michelangelo, Sistine chapel, St.Peter's Basillica, that is something beautiful and magical, you should explore that.

So here it is this picture. I did it! I went up 320 meters and skipped 200 by taking elevator. It is unforgettable and breathtaking. If you have claustrophobia you shouldn't go up cause sometimes you need to go inside tight towers and rooms on your way to the top.

Rome together with Vatican are so attractive and magical in its history, culture, cuizine, shops.
You remember film with Julia Roberts. Where has she decided to go to eat, to pray and to love? - Italy! 

So little time and so much to do... I had to hurry up for my evening event with Wolford in boutique on Via Frattina 90. So I rushed to hotel to make myself ready. For this evening I chose classic: Barcelona Wolford dress and neon 40 tights in gobi color.

And here we are at Wolford party celebrating our success with Kay and Cat.

 I am really happy to meet these two wonderful girls. They are so kind and cheerful people. Wolford connects people! I hope we continue our friendship and meet someday, who knows maybe at some Wolford events.

Picture by Luca Cavallari 

 with 4 authors of the book Update your legs -  Nadiolinda, Alessandra Airò, Eliselle and Daniela Farnese. Picture by Luca Cavallari 

Silvia Azzali and Raluca Mocrei

Giulia and Marta, amazing Italian girls who work in Wolford. They have been so helpful and sweet!

with store manager of Wolford boutique in Via Frattina Francesca

with Russain girl Milana who also works in Wolford boutique

Marta and Adriana are comparing colors of Wolford Pippa tights.

new collection

with Italian bloggers Fabrizia Sienna www.fashionaporter.org and 
Picture by Luca Cavallari 

This experience was unforgettable! I fell in love with Roman atmosphere, met new people, made friends and once again proved that life is amazing thing when you travel in style with Wolford. 

Special thanks to Matteo PetruzzellisSilvia Azzali, Kerstin Scholl and Giulia Bianchi

The garments presented in this post by Wolford:

Satin deluxe tights
                         Barcelona dress
Pippa tights


Emma tights
Starlight tights
Neon 40 tights