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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Heading to a birthday party

Most of the time we when we post photos in sheer pantyhose they are shiny. I guess it's because we both really like the shine and what kind of appearance it gives to legs. We also have some matte pantyhose and it's fun to try those too once in a while. This time Masha had on one of the best, Wolford Fatal 15s. We were going to my brothers daughters birthday party and stopped on our way on a empty parking lot to take a few photos.

After the party when we drove to lake near by and went out for a walk :) It was a beautiful day and like always Masha was gorgeous!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

By the train tracks

New post. Masha has been really busy in instagram and I have edited couple of our sets ready. There will be sets in white, red, different shades of tan, etc, lots of really great sexy photos!
These were taken this spring, I think the first time we had a nice weather to go out and grill and have dinner out. She wore her beautiful dress with shiny Wolfords.
A question for our followers. Are there any photographers who shoot with m4/3. We are looking for a lens with fast aperture to shoot inside the house. We have the lovely Olympus 45mm f1.8 to take photos outside but in most cases it too narrow for inside photography.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Little bit of this and that

Quite often when we go anywhere we carry a camera with us but snap only a few shots. Well I thought I could put all those photos together and post them all at once. The photos are from going to the market, going out shopping, in the opera house, visiting the zoo and going out to eat, in that order. She is wearing various different styles: double layers, patterned, sheers. I kind of like this kind of set which shows little bit of everything, how about you?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Mechanic Masha

Our instagram account has had a huge success so far and want to thank everyone for all the positive comments we have received!
Don't worry, we haven't forgotten our blog. The weather has been really good to us (finally) and we have enjoyed it and done several new sets outside, yey!
This one is from last April when we had to change from winter tyres to summer tyres. Also had to change new brake discs. Well Masha thought that this could be a great opportunity to do a funny set where she plays the mechanic. She put on her jeans shorts and a pair of Finnish Vogue Opaque Brilliante 40den in blue and got to work. Gotta love her! :).

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Great news!

Hey! Great news! I decided to create a profile in Instagram. I hope then I can stay in touch with you more often! Anyway, I will test instagram if we get enough followers, then I guess I have to continue posting there.We deffinetely post on our blog bigger sets too! Don't worry about that! We got messages that you havn't seen us for a while that's why instagram would be a great creative solution. I will post my everyday life there and you can stay in touch with us both in blog, gmail or instagram. My profile is: mypantyhosegirl 
I am waiting for you there

Graduation Day!

Hello everyone!
I hope some pictures will be interesting to you. Here is my graduation day in Russia. In this day girls dress up like in old Soviet schools. It's a tradition. Actually in the third picture my class is on Graduation day and 1stand 2nd pictures - Last Bell Day, means no more school only exams ahead. I do have more pictures but they are only in printed mode. When my husband firstly saw these pictures he was a little in shock about uniform. As far as I know in some schools uniform is still used ( but it's not too short).
We have so many people who follow our blog from different parts of our planet. I would like to know your opinion, if there is a uniform at schools in your country?