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Hey all, long time from last post. We have been working and spent some time visiting relatives etc but we are all ok :). Tho I think this set was worth the wait. Last year when I got my new work clothes Masha saw them and decided to model the jacket with her jean shorts and beautiful stripped pantyhose. We also did some more sexier photos and we would like to hear what do you think?





















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  1. Anonymous | 19th Jun 14

    great pics and very sexy. i was waiting a long time for a new posting and finally i found this awesome new gallery today.

  2. nottelling | 19th Jun 14

    Wow once again perfection

  3. 15Denier | 19th Jun 14

    Good to see you both back 🙂 HELLUVA body 0_0 I LOVE contoured/stripped/ribbed pairs. No panties on some of those pics..AND other sexier pics to (hopefully) show. YESSSSS!!!! 😀

  4. Ribbed Tights | 20th Jun 14

    Great to have you back!

    From my user name, you can see tell I love Ribbed Tights! These pictures are AMAZING! I think they are my favourite set … so far.

    I love how Masha has pulled the tights up so we can see the top of the tights over her shorts … very sweet! Also, the "more sexy" photos are briliant! I love that Masha is only wearing tights … without panties!! Very naughty and very sexy! I love the idea of more sexy pictures like these! More and more … please!

  5. Anonymous | 20th Jun 14

    Love them very sexy!

  6. The Burger Connoisseur | 21st Jun 14

    Wow! Great set of pics! She looks amazing as always!

  7. J | 25th Jun 14

    Great pics!!!!

  8. Maximus Ridiculous | 3rd Jul 14

    Yum, nylon covered soles and holes 😉 xx

  9. Anonymous | 8th Jul 14

    Nice, will get to Pay Pal soon if I see more like this!

  10. Anonymous | 8th Jul 14

    Nice, will get to Pay Pal soon if I see more like this!

  11. Alan Jones | 27th Nov 15

    Sexy pantyhose feet!

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