If you ever arrive to Helsinki by cruise-  70 % possibility it will be Hernesaari island. In other cases it can be Katajanokka or Länsisatama.  Two years ago there were only docks and nothing else in Hernesaari. Last year government decided to make a city beach and lay out a huge terrace with bunch of restaurants.  This year Hernesaari has grown even more: more restaurants, cafes, places to enjoy summer. If it is 25 C, you can just close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere in Mexico (or somewhere like that) but if it is + 16 C like today, so this is typical Finnish summer. These pictures were take in may and this time was amazing for all Europe, it seemed summer has arrived earlier. It was just May… which I don’t remember for a long time: warm, sunny. If you are from Scandinavia, you will completely understand me. We lack of sun and when thermometer shows more than +20 C we are happy to go outside for sun bathes. Coming back to Hernesaari. Right now Hernesaari can be called a good attraction spot where you can enjoy the scenery and good food.
In May not everyone has a good tan on the legs and Wolford is a real salvation! I wore Wolford Satin touch tights in gobi color to make my legs look with some tan. Satin touch makes perfect shine on the legs make legs look slimmer and longer. Satin touch are perfect summer tights!
Hopefully these warm days will come back and we will come back to take sunbathes!


SHOES: Valentino
BAG: Coccinelle
TIGHTS: Wolford Satin touch in Gobi color
Cardigan: Cubus

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  1. Ribbedtights | 9th Jun 16

    Ahhh … Wolford Satin Touch … just beautiful.

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 12th Jun 16

      Thank you<3

  2. Kessel Marc | 12th Jun 16

    Hi Maria,

    In one sentence: perfect woman ==> perfect legs ==> perfect pantyhose 😮 ! As I just said in the previous post, I love shiny tights because not a lot of women wear it. And you are are wearing it in such a way… I find it that the pantyhose matches perfectly with the shoes, and the colour makes that your legs are looking brown, tricky idea :). I notice that you are a satin touch lover, isn’t it? 😉

    Have a nice day, Marc

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 12th Jun 16

      Thank you Marc! I am, they are perfect for summer!

  3. fernando luis toncich | 13th Jun 16

    Always beautiful! Love your works Maria!

  4. Rob | 28th Jun 16

    Too bad most attractive women (18-50) here in the USA won’t be caught dead wearing pantyhose anymore….Bare legs SUCK and the women here don’t seem to understand that !…I wish hosiery would make a BIG comeback in the USA…

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