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Wolford neon 40 from The tights spot

So excited to partner with The Tights spot on this blog post and present you one of my favorite tights – Wolford neon 40 tights.  

The spring has arrived and it is time to put lighter clothing and tights too<3 Though you can’t say it is spring in Finland by my pictures but the days are getting warmer, the snow is melting. On the shooting day we wanted to find some rocks with snow and ice . The rocks in Finland look so remarkable and  you  don’t need to look for them, you start to see them on the way from Hesinki-Vantaa airport to the city. The rocks are especially amazing when the ice is melting in spring.  I was just hoping we could have some sun on that day but we didn’t have it for a long time and unfortunately you can’t see the true shine of these beautiful tights in the day light. In the evening we went to exhibition and my hubby took a picture of me in the light.  Ta-da))) Here is a perfect mom look, ha-ha)) I love how this set came out, hopefully you too<3 Wolford neon tights are super durable and you can wear them for a long time, the quality is on top.

I am happy to share with you my personal discount Maria10 which will give -10%  of site wide from the Tights spot. If you are interested to get any other Wolford tights or other shiny tights you may find them also from The Tights spot.

xo Maria

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  1. Randall Pierce | 21st Mar 19

    Burrrrr looking at snow makes me cold but Wolford neon 40 tights I keep looking at meaning to buy for sometime now beautiful glossy look. Seen them in a electric blue that looks fantastic just their not in my size at the moment.

    • | 11th Apr 19

      Electric blue looks cool. I have not seen it in reality, I guess, it is limited color.

  2. Ribbedtights | 22nd Mar 19

    Glad to hear that spring is arriving! I know snow is magical, but people need a little sunshine as well!

    And from these pictures, it’s also important that people have Wolford Neon tights in their life as well! These 40 denier tights look amazing … not too thin to be cold outside in the melting snow, and not too thick for the warmth inside. I don’t know how long Wolford has been making Neon tights, but they are so beautiful (maybe explain why they have been around for so long!).

    You were talking about the beautiful rocks in Finland … I think someone should also mention the beautiful Wolford Neon tights.

    And finally, thank you for organising the Tights Spot discount … you are awesome, thank you.

    • | 11th Apr 19

      Thank you so much for your comment!!! Wolford neon are so classy and versatile, I think they will not go out of fashion. We were outside just for shooting, so it wasn’t so cold)))

  3. Randy Pierce | 11th Apr 19

    The wolford neon 40 in electric blue as of now only seen them in small on Amazon and Leglicious and Ebay all in a size small which doesn’t fit me. But will wait till they come back in stock are a new color out.

    • | 11th Apr 19

      I think they are available on Wolford ‘s site))

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