English liquorice

Raise your hand if you love English liquorice as much as I! I found these absolutely amazing Silvartkorut jewellery when I visited Children fair and luckily received them for my blog post as a gift. If you have not still watched my vlog about Children fair click here.

This amazing jewellery is handmade by wonderful Jenna , she makes all different kinds of them from head to toes: hair-pins, earings, key-chains, rings, necklaces. I have chosen my favorite set of hair-pins and key-chain. The amazing thing that they look so real that you can eat them. Although they are not eatable and are perfect both for kids and for big kids like me)))

Max is pretty excited about my new jewellery, though he doesn’t still know the real taste of English liquorice. We don’t give him any sweets or chocolate yet. Though some day he will try them and maybe will become a big fan like me. What about you, are you a sweet tooth?


JEWELLERY: Silvartkorut
TIGHTS: Fogal from UKtights

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  1. ribbedtights | 3rd May 19

    I grew up in England and also have a sweet tooth and I do love English liquorice (I like to eat them on long driving journeys). But, as I have travelled around Europe, I have developed a taste for Danish / Swedish salted liquorice … yum yum!! I do like the idea of the jewellery, but I would probably try to eat it!! Interesting jewellery!

    As for your outfit … very casual (trainers and hoodie) … and the quirky jewellery goes well. But for me your bright pink tights are the star! They give a real shock of colour and (I think) compliment the quirky jewellery. Love the pictures in the sun … spring is arriving is Finland?!

    Great outfit, great tights, great jewellery!

    • Maria | 3rd May 19

      Aww. thank you so much for your comment<3<3<3 English liquorice is so popular in Finland that we eat quite a lot of it. I can say I am not a fan of liquorice, I love English liquorice!
      I really can't remember any Swedish/Danish liquorice, I have to check it, thank you!
      The idea of jewellery will compensate not to gain any weigh)))
      These tights are like 4 years old still in perfect condition, I was wearing them in Belgium for the first time))) Have a nice weekend!

  2. Ella | 15th May 19

    Hi pantyhose girl. You always look so amazing and so happy being in pantyhose. I wanted to thank you so much for your posts, you have changed my fashion style totally. I only wear tights now and have gotten rid of all my pants. Keep up the great pictures, I certainly appreciate your fashion style and tips.

    • Maria | 16th May 19

      Hello Ella! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and kind words<3 They mean so much to me! I am really happy to see you here and happy you enjoy my posts<3<3<3

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