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Time flies and summer flies even faster. August is already here and it means summer will be over soon. Nevertheless, I love August so much! We usually go on holidays in August and celebrate our wedding anniversary. Last week we celebrated friends wedding and it was absolutely spectacular! Ceremony was vey touchy and many people usually get in tears at the cermonies. It was very thoughtful of couple to give a handkerchief in a beutiful plastic bag which was very beutifully sewed up.  New wed’s car – groom’s father’s old audi was just spectacular when they drove away from the church.  All the details are important and they make an impresiion of the day. I loved them!

For my wedding outfit I came to very thoughtfully, I knew already – I wanted a red dress but I could not find that one special in Finland or in the network shops: some were too casual some were not eactly what I was looking for. In the beginning of July I had a trip to visit my Grandma in Moscow and was thinking to check some dresses there. So I found that one I was dreaming about! It turned to be the dress from  Lusio. Red lace dress with cute bows in the back and absolutely stunning red bright color. For my Avec I was very determined to find a red tie and I did – in our closet..)) The wedding day wasn’t very sunny but still was vey cheerful so I chose matt tights – Fatal 15  by Wolford in pair with my favourite summe shoes by Valentino.

Wedding was pretty and I love weddings, they make me very emotional. I thought before I got married that wedding accesories and all wedding stuff won’t interest me after my wedding anymore. No way! It is always thrilling after even you get married, I guess it reminds you of your own day and bring the best memories.


DRESS: Lusio

TIGHTS: Fatal 15 by Wolford

SHOES: Valentino Rockstud

BAG: Coccinelle

JEWELRY: my Granny’s saphires

fatal 15

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  1. Kessel Marc | 30th Jul 16

    Hi Maria, I see you are doing well ;).
    A also love weddings, I had a lot the last weeks where I had to play with my trombone, but it’s always even beautiful.
    To say something different: I LOVE your locks in your hairs 😮 ! It’s the first time I think you made it but it looks fantastic on you :).
    The red dress; red is my favourite colour with black. As I said it on your last post, as soon as you are wearing one of those 2 colours… cheeeeeeers 😀
    The pantyhose is also a good choice, because matt is not to flashy on weddings, but looks elegant, and without seam… perfect. I realized that a lot of women don’t wear tights on weddings :o! But in my eyes, a woman was to wear a pantyhose on a day like this, it looks much more elegant and feminine, you don’t think so?

    have a nice day, wish you the best


  2. Richard Closure | 31st Jul 16


  3. Ribbed Tights | 1st Aug 16

    What a beautiful dress!! And teaming the dress with sheer tan tights is just perfection … and then you tell us the tights are Wolford Fatal … arguably, the best seamless tights ever … and it makes your stunning outfit even more special.

    I was once told that the best wedding photos are taken on a cloudy day (sunny days are too intense bright light?? … I don’t know if that is true?) … but the lighting and the pictures are beautiful. Also, the colours – the red dress against the green grass and flawless sheer tan tights – perfection.

    Thank you (again) for sharing these special moments with us.


    PS The bride (what little we can see of her) also looks amazing! I wonder what hosiery she was wearing??

  4. fernando luis toncich | 2nd Aug 16

    Beautiful photos! Do not you answer my comments?

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